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I’ve been working in the house and with the rabbit all day today and it got me to wondering, how does one continue to dress and feel like a lolita, while working and getting dirty? Well I dug around on Polyvore, and this is what I put together.

Work-lita by foreverraelynn featuring Converse shoes

the basic run down is:

  • A dark coloured shirt with a cute design. This won’t get dirty easily and being a simple tee shirt is easy to wash.
  • A cute print, cottong skirt. This will be easy to clean. Or a cute coloured pair of jeans, again easy to wash. Or both! Layers!
  • Cute print work shoes, I chose converse because they’re comfortable and they are once again easy to clean.
  • Cute necklace that doesn’t dangle too low. This is just a bit of flare. If it doesn’t hang too low it’ll not be getting in your way.

As you can see the basic nessecity is EASY TO CLEAN! Doing yard or house work you will get dirty, don’t wear you’re oh so adorable jumper skirt that has to be hand washed. That’s just silly. Go for cute, comfortable, and simple.
Just a thought.
Princess Raelynn

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