Midnight Snack

2 April, 2010 at 11:16 am | Posted in Cookbook | 1 Comment
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I don’t have a picture, but last night, about 2am, I wanted a snack. So I got up and made a cream cheese and fruit sandwich! I got the idea from Princess Skye, find the original recepie here. Since I’m not the biggest friend of Ricotta, I formulated my own form.

-Cream Cheese
-White or Wheat Bread
-Red food colouring (optional)

First mix the cream cheese and sugar to taste. Mix it with a fork to make it smoother and add more sugar if you want it sweeter. Here you can add just a drop of red food colouring, or any colour, to add some cute colour to the sandwhich. Then cut off the crust and smear the mix onto the bread. Finally cut the fruit, I used strawberries, into coins and place it on the bread. Put it togethere and cut it as you want and enjoy!

You can really use any soft fruit for this. Bananas and kiwi are especially great as well. Find your own favorite combination? Let me know so i can try it! 🙂
Princess Raelynn


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  1. Sounds very tasty! One day I’ll try to cook it)

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