Keep your Religion out of Lolita. (Don’t Flip, Just Read It.)

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“IDC if it’s your religion, it’s ugly.”
Generally that’s what I’ve been seeing on Lolita Secrets. It. Sickens. Me. I understand stateing a point and giving criticism. Isn’t that what so many Lolitas look for online, criticism? But saying that an outfit is ugly, especially dissing a religion? I say that is over stepping a line. I’ll be the first to admitt that a head wrap looks different and, if not in the right colour, can look not-so-great, but it’s not my place to say that it’s ugly. I honestly think many girls in the pictures I’ve seen can pull it off rather well (see above for example.)
 I’ve also seen the argument “Lolita is fashion, not religion.” the Get-your-religion-out-of-my-Lolita arguement. That too bugs me. Yes, Lolita is fashion. The head wrap (I only use this example because I’ve seen the most drama about it) isn’t fashion. These beautiful women are not adding it as an accessory, they’d wear it at any other time as well. It is part of who they are. What is Lolita if not a way to express yourself? What is any fashion if you cannot express yourself as who you are? Would we attack a Jewish person for wearing a star of david with Lolita? No? Lets get a bit more controversial. What about a pagan?
I am a Pagan. I will announce that loudly and proudly if ever asked. The only reason I’ve not posted it on here before is that I respect the barrier of fashion and religion. Just because I know and respect the boundries does not mean I’m not going to wear a triquatra or, heavens forbid in my bible belt home, an pentacle with my Lolita. Lolita is part of me. Paganism is part of who I am. The writer, the Cherokee. These are all equal parts of me. If I want to wear a pettit coat with a pentacle and feathers, then I should have the right to without being told I look ugly. Fashion, Lolita specifically (in my opinion), is supposed to be something to bring people together. If the lovely lady above didn’t wear her head dress, nor I my pentacle, nor a Jewish girl her star, nor a Christian girl her cross, could we not all admire a new print or lace quality? Why should a piece of cloth, a necklace, a pendant, a belief, why should it stop us from incouraging eachother and being together as Lolitas?
Just My opinion. Have an arguement? Comment. Nothing rude please. If you disagree feel free to say so politely.

Princess Raelynn

*Though/Question of the day*
Why does it seem the Lolita community is so catty?


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