Fairytales : Belle la Vie ??

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For as long as I’ve been into Lolita and Princess Styles, I’ve been working on getting together a brand of my own (called Belle la Vie), handmade, jewelry. (and maybe later clothes?) I’ve gotten more so dedicated to this goal recently! 🙂 My newest idea are fairytale themes. Apples, roses, books, etc. I’ve dabbled with cupcakes and candies, but they seem so done to me. They’re everywhere, aren’t they? Of course all of these things are just in toddler stages (and growing steadily!), but I wanted to knwo if anyone wanted to give some feedback?

Other then that, just wanted an update to say I am a live, getting ready for school, and working on something that I’ll reveal to ya’ll soon 🙂
Princess Raelynn


A Poetic Life… and fashion.

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I am nearly positive my fellow lolis, at least some of us, share a love for poetry. Have you ever read a poem and thought of a perfect coordinate? Or perhaps you saw someone’s lovely outfit and thought of a poem? As I’ve been recently reading some of my favorite poems, I’ve been thinking. Possibly I could make coordinates inspired by these poems. One specifically is “The Rose Family” by Robert Frost. A romantic poem. I believe it lends itself to a coordinate. Perhaps I’m insane, but aren’t we all at times?
Princess Raelynn


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Much catching up, because I don’t post daily.

I went shopping this weekend, for my brithday (TOMORROW!! *excited*). One of my usual stops at the mall is, of course, Claire’s. So many of their items, especially in the “Alice in Fashionland collection caught my eye as entirely loliable. One specific item was the mini top hats and other mini hats they had. Only one was in the Alice collection, but they had others. Another stop was Forever21. There I found some loliable shirts, not a surprise, and a headband that threw me for a loop. ALICE INSPIRED! Though it wasn’t said, it was obvious! It was a black headband with a giant black, satin bow! It was a bit too far to the side for me, but it still shocked me. I do believe I have Tim Burton to thank for bringing these things to the US. 🙂

Speaking of shopping, I bought so much! I’m sure I’ll get pictures up eventually, but in the mean while, here’s my booty:
       *2 Forever21 shirts
       *Forever21 headband
       * off-brand Easter Hat
       *4 books
               –The Luxe by Anna Godbersen
               –Tempted by P.C. & Kristen Cast
               –Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter
               –Kiss of the Demon King by Kresley Cole
       *3 pairs of Claire’s Earrings
       *a necklace
       *a Passport book

On the note of books, I finished Blood Promise, the fourth in the Vampire Academy Series by Racheal Mead. It was amazing! I cannot wait for the next book! If you like Vampires, these novels are perfect for you! I think my specific draw is that the two main character, Rose and Lissa, remind me so much of my sister, Becca, and myself. Truely a brilliant author, that Rachael Mead!

Moving to my sewing attempts, I’m currently scolding myself for horrible ideas. This silly little girl thought of such a “cool” themed Lolita outfit. St. Patty’s day! So I bought three yards of Leprichan green fabric. I looked at it today, and nearly slapped myself. Such an ugly colour should not exsist, much less be worn! I must be insane.

Lastly, though I don’t post daily, I do use other websites almost daily. So below is the list of links to my various websites. Enjoy!
       * Tumblr
       * Twitter
       * Deviant Art

Well, that’s all for now!
Princess Raelynn

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<<photo credit>>

Well, this Princess has been attacked by the cold bug! Needless to say, I haven’t felt too pretty recently. Like wise, I haven’t wanted to wear loli either. But that’s not to say my thoughts have not been on it. I’ve decided to add a new colour to my wardrobe. Now I have pinks and yellows, and a single blue. I want to add some purples/lavenders to my wardrobe, as well as some more blue. I’m not entirely positive how good purple will look on me, but I suppose it never hurts to try.
I’ve also started a new skirt. This time it’s green, for St. Patty’s day. This is my first attempt at a tirred skirt, so we’ll see how well it works. I also plan to work on making a traditional head dress. Most likely in green, to match this new skirt. I will definately let ya’ll know how that goes.
Well, Tyler says I need sleep, and I am exhausted, so I will set off to bed now.
Princess Raelynn

Ah, late, but nonetheless here.

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I haven’t a photo yet, but the night I bought the fabric I finished a skirt. Well, I made a wearable skirt. I still plan to make some adjustments and add a big bow, but nonetheless, it was quite fun. I don’t have very much to say, but I wanted to let ya’ll know I’m still kickin’. ^-^
Princess Raelynn

Bumble Bee

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I finished my skirt! As you see here, I wore it today. I have a few minor tweeks to fix *cough buttons cough*, then I’ll wash it and wear it to mt ambassador meeting tomorrow! I’m so excited! 🙂
I’ll be doing Valentine things later, which will be tons of fun! 🙂
Princess Raelynn


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I’ve been working in the house and with the rabbit all day today and it got me to wondering, how does one continue to dress and feel like a lolita, while working and getting dirty? Well I dug around on Polyvore, and this is what I put together.

Work-lita by foreverraelynn featuring Converse shoes

the basic run down is:

  • A dark coloured shirt with a cute design. This won’t get dirty easily and being a simple tee shirt is easy to wash.
  • A cute print, cottong skirt. This will be easy to clean. Or a cute coloured pair of jeans, again easy to wash. Or both! Layers!
  • Cute print work shoes, I chose converse because they’re comfortable and they are once again easy to clean.
  • Cute necklace that doesn’t dangle too low. This is just a bit of flare. If it doesn’t hang too low it’ll not be getting in your way.

As you can see the basic nessecity is EASY TO CLEAN! Doing yard or house work you will get dirty, don’t wear you’re oh so adorable jumper skirt that has to be hand washed. That’s just silly. Go for cute, comfortable, and simple.
Just a thought.
Princess Raelynn

Bumbling Bees and Snowy Days

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Another snow day! It is February and we have yet another snow day in the loverly state of Arkansas! No school for us, quite unexpected. I supposed it would be smart to do my homework for the weekend and tonight, but I bought new fabric yesterday (Yellow with bumbling bumble bees)! I’m going to attempt to make my first handmade lolita skirt, and this snowy, icy day seems just the day to start it. I’m off to get me a nice hot cup of Lady Grey tea and sit down to see what happens when this Princess has fabric. I will let ya’ll know how that goes. Kisses!
Princess Raelynn

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