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Hey there guys. I’ve moved my blog over to blogger. I’ve transferred the post I want to keep over there, so you can find them there. I’m going to keep this blog going, but I won’t be checking for comments or posting here. Thank you so much for looking here. Click the picture below to access the new blog!!

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Check this out!

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You all remember the wonderful Miss Lumpy, yes? How could anyone ever forget her? Well I would like to congratulate her on the success of her blogspot website! As of today, she has reached 100 followers and 5,000 views! In honor of this she’s haveing an awesome give away. Click HERE to check it, and her blog, out, she’s got some awesome things to give away!
Princess Raelynn


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As I said earlier, I went shopping today! I got so many things, both that I needed and that I wanted. The above photo is one of the fabric prints I got, and below is another. Also pictures is the new straight pens, a sewing kit, and a package of sftey pins, for those little tears that may happen. I also got a pair of tennis shoes for my trip to Europe (walking shoes), now I need to wear them to break them in.
Now I’m off to begin my first skirt, which one first?
Princess Raelynn


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The final days of winter seem to grow long and monotonous. Wake. Dress. School. Homework. Eat. Sleep. And inbetween? Nothing but the blaring of the TV and the crunch the hard candy I haven’t the patience to let dissolve. Thus, I look for outside sources of entertainment. The most common is the internet, but reading blogs can only keep me occupied for so long. So I do believe, if my father will play along, I will go to Joanna’s to get new fabric for a new skirt, with a new design. Perhaps a nice skirt to wear ice skating with Hayden? In addition to this, I’ve also become recently obsessed with my old pc computer game. Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection. It can keep me entertained for days on end. Then again, how good can it be to stare at a computer screen all day? It mustn’t be good for my eyes. I plan to find other things to do. As spring is ushered in, perhaps I’ll get a new digital camera and work on a bit of photography. Or perhaps take up painting again. Or even mor productive, clean and paint my room!
As I venture into the deep dark mess called my room, wish me luck!
Princess Raelynn

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