Au Naturale.

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Earlier today I was with the loverly Becca and we were watching the movie Material Girls, starring Hillary and Haley Duff. It’s quite a good movie. If you haven’t seen it, I sugest you do. You can find more information on it here.
Anyway, the make-up line in the movie is designed to be perfect for your skin. It’s made me start to think, I want to get completely natural skin care and make-up products. I also want to look into making all natural perfumes and other beauty products. I think I’ll begin with lipgloss. I will let you know how that goes.”
Sorry to end this so quickly, but I have to run so I can see my grandfather.
Princess Raelynn

As I ate dinner, it came to me that I can also make all natural lolita clothing. 100% natural. cotton. wooden buttons. This is going to be fun! Jsut thought I’d throw that out there to ya.

Princess Raelynn


Lolita Charm’s Giveaway?

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GASP! The ever so amazing Victoria Suzanne is hosting a giveaway on her blog in honor of hitting her 500 follower mark! She has teamed up with a sweet Etsy entrepeneur who makes even sweeter accessories! She is having a random drawing to see who gets a one of a kind accessory, that is amazingly adorable, might I add! If you want to see the accessory and how to get your name in the pot, click this link! Have fun and good luck to all who enter!
Princess Raelynn


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A friend, whom I love dearly, recently told me to have “patience”. I admit I am not the most patient in the world, and I know I need to get better about that. So this is the thing I will currently be working on. Patience. Grr. Check out my tumblr to find all the articles I find.

Also, I’m terribly sorry I’m gone so much recently. I’ve simply not had the desire to blog too often. Mostly I’ve been playing Zoo Tycoon. (my not-so-secret obsession)

Princess Raelynn


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I’ve not made a new years resolution, I never do, but I do, when I feel the need or want to, make Life Resolutions. Small ways to change my life and imporve something. Here’s my newest resolutions.

  1. Drink more water. It’ll be great for my skin and will make me feel better. (And hopefully keep me from dehydrating anymore!)
  2. Eat healthier. It’ll make me feel better.
  3. Treat myself. Be it with a nap after a long day or a cupcake or even a piece of chocolate, I deserve to be pampered, no?
  4. Keep my room clean. Lets face it, I’m not a neat freak. My room gets crazy messy crazy fast. Now that I’ve re-found the floor, I want to keep seeing it. Especially after I redo the whole room.

That’s all I’ve got for now.
Princess Raelynn

P.S. I just made a twitter account!

Je commence.

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*Photo Credit: Princess Skye/Princess Portal*

In respects of my previous post, for those who do not know I may post many posts a day, I have decided to begin my list of my “favorite things about me.” I have no mirror to tape it to at the moment, but I will place it in my make-up bag and read atleast one thing every morning. I know this matters not the the rest of the world, but to me this is blog worthy, thus is the way of my life.


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I, just today, found a new, magnificent blog. It is by a beautiful princess named Victoria. On there I found a list of what “Every lolita should have.” Here is that same list, with what I have in italics, and what I do not think I, personally, need struck out. This is a self reminder of where I wish to go and where I can go for inspiration. Here is her links:

  • a few sheets of cute stickers, for adding to cards, notes, or envelopes;
  • printed notepaper with a cute style;
  • a lipgloss in her favorite color, to apply when she might meet someone fabulous;
  • a simple, comfortable dress to run errands in;
  • a pretty pair of headphones or earbuds for walking by herself;
  • a tiara for adding to luxurious hairstyles, for special events;
  • one excellent makeup trick that always wows her friends;
  • the perfect parasol for sunny days, or alternately –
  • a wonderful friend who will share hers;
  • a tripod and camera, for taking her own daily outfit shots;
  • one completely different outfit that is for her alter-ego, for being in disguise;
  • the know-how to plan a meetup;
  • a notion of using public transport, like subways, buses, or trains for getting her where she needs to go;
  • a list of things she loves about herself tacked to her mirror;
  • a pair of shoes that make her steps feel princess-like;
  • a conglomerate of style icons she can refer to when she feels out of creativity;
  • the trick to applying false eyelashes;
  • one excellent wig for when her hair just won’t do what she wants;
  • the knowledge that settling is for lesser spirits;
  • a classic book for when she doesn’t want to meet the eyes of people staring in public;
  • a Tide-to-Go pen for rescuing dream dresses;
  • a nest egg for buying the perfect item for herself, by herself;
  • a shopping service she trusts;
  • a purse that seems to have a black hole in the bottom, willing to accept anything from cameras to entire coats;
  • a coat trimmed with fur, to be complimented on whereever she goes;
  • a look-book of street snaps and photos she admires, with a list of items she wishes to own;
  • a name for her own personal style, which she alters as she wants;
  • the ability to take the advice of the Internet, but also to turn it off and do her own thing;
  • a petticoat guranteed to give you model-worthy poof;
  • one photograph of herself in her first dress to remind her how far she’s come, and one photograph of herself in her best dress that reminds her why she became a lolita in the first place.
  • Once again, this is not my idea but the idea of Miss Victoria that I can use, with modifications, to get where I want to go. 🙂

    Something Real

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    This is me. Just who I am. This is something new for me. I have never been myself before. New things are scarey and exciting. I’m going to use this to write about my life. my thoughts, my out look, everything. Tid bits of fantasy mixed with truth. Recipies and fashion side by side. Perfect days and endless nights coinside. Written thoughts and sketched dreams. Beauty of life and stitching new seems. This is my life, who I am. I am ForeverRaelynn.

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