My Boredom Manifesto

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Today on Tumblr, I saw the above photo. It was originally posted by Milky Chuu, it definately made me smile. And as the last line says, I decided to give it a go.

I will fight boredom with action, ideas, and creativity. I will fight boredom with writing, girl’s days, and reading. I will fight the stereotype and broken ideas of women. I will fight boredom by helping others and myself, at the same time. I will fight the the winter blues with apple cider and baking through the afternoon. I will got for walks and take new adventures in the summer sun. I will fight boredom with spontinaity. I will write letters by hand and carry, at least, one book every where I go. I will break free of the mold society has made for me. I will act silly and never fear what others think. When friends and family become bored I will drag them on walks and adventures, and they will have fun. I will fight boredom in my own way and be only me.


As for the series, I promise my next post will be a new lovely lady’s answers! I’m just waiting to recieve the photo šŸ™‚ So keep checkin back šŸ™‚
Princess Raelynn


Forgive me!!

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I know I promised a series, but it seems to me my current not-so-cheery state has revived me! Or at least as long forgotten, or perhaps long unseen, part of me. The Writer. I am inspired to rewrite my novel. I’ve gotten a good bit of it written, but it’s a bit scattered and not worded as well as I’d like it to be. I promise I’ll get the series started soon, but can you blame me for refinding an old love I’d all but forgotten? Please be patient with me my dears.
Princess Raelynn

My Lolita Checklist

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Eh, I’ve debated long and hard whether to make one of these, but I figured why not. I’m late, oh well.Ā 

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  • Likes sweets prints, but has an aversion to large bows.
  • Wear a lot of pastel or muted colours.
  • Prefers an OP to a JSK.
  • Prefers tights as opposed to knee socks.
  • Often prefers flats to heels.
  • Drinks hot tea whenever the moment seems right.
  • Loves the smell of Lavender and Rose.
  • Loves, Loves, Loves to ice skate.
  • Thinks a rabbit is the best and most loliableĀ pet to own.
  • Prefers simple straightened hair with little product to curls or teased. Simple braids or pig tails, for example.
  • Thinks a flower “just cause” is a wonderful thing. Even if she picks/buys it for herself.
  • Prefers to search antique and vintage shops rather than deal with online shopping, shipping, and customs.
  • Likes to have a ring on each hand, one being her class ring.
  • Walks and moves in almost pose-like moves at all times. Ready for a surprise photo shoot at a moment’s notice.
  • Adores parasols and fans.
  • Finds inspiration in fairy talesĀ and period dramas instead of the GLB.
  • When not in lolita, prefers to wear sun/day dresses or a skirt set.
  • Will jump at any chance to go for a carriageĀ or carousel ride.
  • Fascinated with cemetaries, no matter how dark it seems. Also thinks a photoshoot in a cemetary is the best idea ever.
  • Sees old, and possibly dangerously falling apart, buildings as the perfect spot for a photoshoot.
  • Thinks a perfect summer day is made of a picnic with a Prince, or sitting under a tree reading. Not too hot nor too cold.
  • Loves the Super Poof! Never thinks she has enough poof.
  • Buys gifts for friends simply because it reminded her of said friend.
  • Forever changing, but is forever herself. No one can change her and if they’d like to, they are welcome to leave, and she is smart enough to shut the door behind them.


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As I assume you can tell, I’ve done a tib-bit of remodeling! this theme is again, premade, because I can’t figure out CSS! But I think it’s loverly. The header was obviously made by me, using picnik. Do you like the new blue? I would have preferred purple, but hey, I won’t complain since this only took me a few clicks. If anyone knows where to get a lavander wordpress theme with a custom header, please let me know!
I haven’t much else to say. I just wanted to point out the new pretty header (as if you could miss it)!
Princess Raelynn

She Will Smile

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*Note:This is an original song, by me. It’s a bit depressing, but it came to mind and I wrote it. Please comment and tell me what you think*


You had it all.
you let it fall.
You let it shatter,
Let it break,
And let it fall.

She would smile,
All the while.
As you ripped the beating heart
From her chest.
She would smile.

A broken heart.
Torn apart.
Left in tatters
On the floor,
And torn apart.

A single glance,
A Second chance.
Yes, a mistake,
Another tear,
a second chance.

She will smile,
All the while.
As you rip the beating heart
From her chest.
She will smile.

Stupid boy,
Love’s not a toy.
It’s made of glass,
Now shattered glass,
It’s not a toy.

Learn this well,
Or you will fail.
If you break her,
Or betray her,
you will fail.

She will smile,
All the while.
As you rip the beating heart
From her chest.
She will smile.
All the while.
She will smile.
She will smile.


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