Fairytales : Belle la Vie ??

31 July, 2010 at 9:02 pm | Posted in Life, Stitches | Leave a comment
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For as long as I’ve been into Lolita and Princess Styles, I’ve been working on getting together a brand of my own (called Belle la Vie), handmade, jewelry. (and maybe later clothes?) I’ve gotten more so dedicated to this goal recently! 🙂 My newest idea are fairytale themes. Apples, roses, books, etc. I’ve dabbled with cupcakes and candies, but they seem so done to me. They’re everywhere, aren’t they? Of course all of these things are just in toddler stages (and growing steadily!), but I wanted to knwo if anyone wanted to give some feedback?

Other then that, just wanted an update to say I am a live, getting ready for school, and working on something that I’ll reveal to ya’ll soon 🙂
Princess Raelynn


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