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Today is Hunter’s second day of school! I don’t start until Thursday, but because I’m nice and a homemaker-to-be, I’ve made him lunches the past two days. I’m making both his and my lunches in a bento style, even though I, sadly, don’t have any technical bento boxes. I think my tupperware/rubber maid boxes work just fine for a start. 🙂
So here’s what he’s had the past two days.

The above bento features:
Turkey sandwich “pencil” & triangle
Checkered Apple
Yogurt (unpictured)

I didn’t picture it, but his breakfast was a fried egg and sausage on a biscut, to go style. ❤

This one features:
Raelynn’s special Chili Concotion
Cheese flowers
2 Onigri
Bread (unpictured)

For breakfast (also forgot to picture), pancake sandwiches (two small/medium pancakes with sausage in the middle). Once again, to go style. I also included a “snack” incase breakfast or lunch wasn’t enough. This was apple chunks and banana coins.  ❤

I’m really enjoying making bentos, even though they’re not as kawaii as I’d like (because kawaii at an all boys school just screams bad idea.) I plan to work on that part with my lunches with special help from the wonderful book Yum Yum Bento Box!  ❤

Now to enjoy my second to last day of summer and go back to sleep!! Night night ❤


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