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I think most of us have started bakc at school, I’ve just started my seocnd week, though it feels like longer. On this subject I wanted to talk about routines. I think we all get into them, I’m very percise about mine, usually, on normal days. Come home, snack, homework and catching up on Haunted History, TV and computer, maybe see Hunter, eat dinner, shower, pill at 9pm, bed at 9:30. (yes I take a sleeping pill, and I hate it! Can’t find a natural thing that works for me 😡 ) What kind of routines do ya’ll get into, or do you just not?

Other then that, this last weeks been ok. I’ve had one test in every class in the past week and have another test in atleast two classes friday. Yuck. But I am enjoying the year, it’s not too bad.

Yesterday, Hunter (note he hates country music) went to Black Top Boogie with me!! Best of all, he actually enjoyed himself!!! Then he took me to Pinnacle Mt. and we hiked up to watch the sunset. It was so wonderful 🙂 I highly suggest sunsets for every couple, cause it’s amazingly sweet and magnificent to watch together. I’ll have pics whenever I get my camera out of his car XD.

What have ya’ll been up to?

Princess Raelynn


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